We specialize in the surety bond sector, allowing us to delve deep and become true experts in offering the best solution to our clients.

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We operate in the Iberian market


We provide particular and specific solutions


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Since 2016

Azuaga Seguros Líder Mercado Seguros Caución


Our Specialization, Our Strength

AZUAGA SEGUROS is one of the leading insurers specializing in surety bonds in Spain and Portugal. It’s established in 2016, recognized for its specialization, experience, and high solvency in the surety bond sector, as well as its technical analysis capabilities for projects.

Thanks to this specialization, we’ve positioned ourselves in the guarantees market as a solvent and decisive insurer, renowned for the efficiency of our services, the diversity of our coverage, and the immediacy of our response capacity; providing tailored and specific solutions for every need.

We form a great multidisciplinary team, comprised of insurance professionals and experts from other fields, enabling us to offer specialized responses to our clients needs.

We are efficient yet approacheble and accesible

Beacuse at AZUAGA SEGUROS we dislike waiting, automated attendants, and so do our clients. We prefer personalized treatment, getting to know our clients and collaborators, and above all, we are here to overcome challenges, difficult cases, because that’s where we demonstrate our full capacity.

Personalized Treatment

Committed to detailed and tailored attention to each client.

Great Capacity

Specialists in resolving complex and challenging situations.

Overcoming Challenges

Specialists in resolving complex and challenging situations.

No waiting

Quick and effective responses, without unnecessary delays.

Surety insurance, a fast and affordable solution.

Surety bonds are an agile and affordable solution for ensuring the fulfillment of both provisional and final contractual obligations.


Does not count in CIRBE (Central Credit Register of the Bank of Spain)


No issuance, maintenance, study, or cancellation expenses.


Personalized and agile treatment, as it is a guarantee provided by a specialized insurance company rather than a banking institution.


The guaranteed amount is not reflected in the liabilities. It represents a deductible expense in the income statement.


The company can release financial resources that would otherwise be tied up.


It usually comes with lower costs and more flexible conditions, which is why it's often a great option.



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