Explore the journey and achievements of AZUAGA SEGUROS from its inception until today.

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Capacity and Technical Focus

AZUAGA has the necessary capacity to provide coverage for guarantees in any sector, assisting companies of all kinds in obtaining tailor-made solutions that allow them to obtain the appropriate coverage according to their specific needs, thereby ensuring compliance with their legal and contractual obligations.

To achieve this, it has a recognized track record of professionalism and solvency, with the most qualified and specialized team in Spain and Portugal in guarantees and surety bonds, enabling it to design innovative and unique solutions for each need or project.

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The efficient composition of its reinsurance policy, and partnerships with high-level reinsurance specialists in surety bonds, along with a diversified and conservative investment strategy in terms of assets, exposures, and sectors, make AZUAGA SEGUROS a company with very high solvency and low financial risk, fundamental elements for providing financial strength and reinsurance coverage to its clients.

The differential value of AZUAGA lies not only in its solvency and financial analysis but also in its technical, pioneering and unique approach in the market. The deep and expert technical analysis of the projects it ensures and the companies that develop them sets it apart.

Azuaga Seguros is approved by ASF. The Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority, which is the body responsible for regulating and supervising insurance and reinsurance activities, pension funds and their management entities, and insurance mediation. In Spain, it is authorised by the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP).


On April 11, 2016, Abarca Seguros was born as an insurer specializing in surety bonds in Portugal.


In March 2024, there was a change in ownership, joining the group of companies under Corporación Financiera Azuaga, and changing its name to AZUAGA SEGUROS.


In 2018, a branch was established in Spain, with offices in Lisbon, Seville, and Madrid.